chentaichi online

chentaichi online is the complete training platform designed to support you in your Tai Chi practice. Offering a complete range of training designed to re-align mind, body and spirit.  


Basic Training

Tai Chi fuses dao-yin stretching exercises, breathwork to become the ultimate mind-body practice. The movements are designed to heal the body, promote optimum vitality through the movement of internal energy. The aim of Tai Chi foundation training to raise awareness of our mind and bodies to generate a deeper understanding of our true inner nature. 


Silk Reeling Exercises

Silk Reeling is a simplified form of Tai Chi movement that provides the platform of understanding for the finer and more subtle levels of Tai Chi practice. The action of silk-reeling needs to be smooth, fluid and practiced with sensitivity to deepen levels of relaxation under the guidance of a clearly focused mind to develop a strong flow of internal energy. 


Qigong & Meditation

Qigong is a form of energy work that has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years to re-balance their bodies with nature and the surrounding environment. Qigong uses subtle physical and mental practices to stimulate the flow of internal energy and achieve optimal health.


Tai Chi Forms

Currently there are numerous simplified forms of Chen Style Tai Chi. These simplified forms are a great introduction to Tai Chi and ideal for those who lead busy lives. They contain all the essential principles of the original art, but have been reduced for those seeking to learn Tai Chi principally for its health and relaxation benefits. 


The Complete Training

This complete chentaichi online training offers you full access to all of the trainings offered by chentaichi online for a monthly subscription of $19.99. With over 20 training videos, consisting of all the core skills: including foundation training, silk reeling, qigong, meditation  and short form.  You'll have everything you'll need to take your tai chi training to the next level.